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Online Arbitrary Precision Arithmetic Calculator

Ever wonder what is the value of   0.999 999 999 999 999 999 999 999 999 999 999 999 998 73   raised to the power of   4.67 trillion trillion trillion? I have; and now you too can compute that value right now, right here, to what ever precision you wish with this online arbitrary precision arithmetic calculator.

You can compute five different arithmetic functions online on this page, at precisions of thousands of decimal places. Limited only by the server on which this http page happens to be running at the time. You can also access the functionality of this APM computationally by sending an HTTP header. See details below.

Ever have the hankering to quantify the likelihood that the small chance intelligent life might arise on any given planet arose more than once among millions of trillions of planets? Ever have the need to know the chance of occurrence, at least once, among an astronomical number of attempts at an event of infinitesimal probability? How about the likelihood that prebiotic compounds randomly assembled themselves into the first self replicating molecular system given a billion years and all the atoms on the entire surface of the planet?

I did and I found the answers, but for such questions, something more than a desktop calculator is needed. For that reason, I wrote this software and offer it free for your use. I`m sure there are more complete APMs out there, but I know this one doesn`t cheat because I wrote it. Happy calculating!

Shameless self promotion of my other interests and an example for use of this APM

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Study my early RNA evolution numeric simulator showing robust evolution and speciation of small active RNA transcripts.

Search the text of the book that built western civilization, the Christian bible, for ideas and concepts not just the spelling of a word. I was tired of literal word text searches and was forced to write software that searches context and meaning of word instead, to satisfy my own investigation of this remarkable book. That book gave us our seven day week, our prohibition against "cruel and unusual punishment," bankruptcy law, and a remarkably accurate account of the geological history of the planet in language intended for a pastoral people:

1) "In the beginning, the earth was void and with out form,"
2) water covered the whole surface of the earth,
3) land pushed upward from under the sea,
4) photosynthetic O2 producing phytoplankton or "plants" appeared,
5) "and the sea brought forth life abundantly,"
6) animal life on land appeared,
7) and most recently, lastly, man came to be.

The book is far more worth a look than most have given it credit for their own irrational fear of ridicule. As for me, I aspire to be a fearless investigator, who is wholly persuaded of the promises made two thousand years ago by Jesus of Nazareth.


Positive rational numbers; integer exponent.

 Argument 1 


 Argument 2 



Precision applies to intermediate results as well.  Insufficient precision can produce misleading results.  Spaces are inserted to mark thousands on both sides of the decimal place.  The least significant thousandths places are filled with x for unknown digits so fractional results are always displayed in full thousandths for easy reading.

Yotta  Zetta  Exa  Peta  Tera  Giga  Mega  Kilo  Hecto  Deca  Deci  Centi  Milli  Micro  Nano  Pico  Femto  Atto  Zepto  Yocto
  1024  1021  1018  1015  1012  109    106     103     102     101     10-1   10-2   10-3   10-6   10-9  10-12   10-15  10-18  10-21  10-24  

Jerry's Home Page
Key West
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April 13, 2011

Send an HTTP header such as

Receive back "<!-- value=4.56000000000123e2" terminated by a carriage return (13), line feed (10). Followed by html code which generates the page you see and which can be ignored.


?a= <first argument> exponential notation is allowed
&b= <second argument> exponential notation is allowed
&cal= <desired computation>

a for add
s for subtract arg b from arg a
m for multiply
d for divide arg a by arg b
e for raise arg a to the power of arg b (fractional exponents are ignored)

&p= <desired precision of divide results>
&p1= <desired precision of raise to power results>
&do=Compute&eout=y   exactly as shown. Capitalization counts.

I didn't put a lot of time into it, but here it is for anyone to use. The source code probably has some bugs and ugly comments and quick fixes in it, but the basic code itself is sound.

The source code is in C. No installing a library, just cut and past it into your code.

There is also a wrapper for DOS in Windows and for Mac in Terminal. Its a simple wrapper that simply lets you enter the math function and the two operands in plain language yielding a result in plain language.

Be generous setting precision. Over do it. Use a thousand digits when you only need 300. There is no overflow checking. And negative numbers are 9999s so keep it real and positive.

plus minus multiply divide and exponent. Exponent must be an integer, any fractional portion is ignored. The base, however, can be anything.

The DOS version prompts you for each argument.

In the Mac version, set the precision then write the statement in plain language.


You can use r to recall the last result. m to recall what is stored in memory and s to save a result to memory, just follow the prompts.

Set the precision to anything from a few decimal places to thousands.


For Mac

Just download and double click. If your browser security has fits about them because they are executable, just download the zip and unzip the one you need.

Jerry's APM.zip

C source code